Are you looking for me?

Today I’m going to talk about a little tool which has been helping me for the last two and a half years to get along with windows. It is called Keypirinha.

Keypirinha is a free tool for windows and works similar to Apple’s Spotlight on macOS. I previously used Launchy, but it hasn’t been updated in a while so I needed something new.. You can use Keypirinha as an applicatino launcher, but there is a lot more that you can do with it.


At first, you can install the tool either in portable mode or in regular (=installed) mode. When using portable mode, you can put the Keypirinha folder onto a USB stick or hard drive, so that you can use it on multiple devices that mount that device. You can configure Keypirinha via an ini file, which contains various sections for various aspects of the applicaiton. There is plenty of documentation.

After your first installation, applications in the windows start menu and applications referenced by the PATH environment variable are automatically indexed. However, you can add additional directories via the configuration file. Searching for and starting applications via Keypirinha really is super fast. I start all my applications via Keypirinha – even those that are pinned to my task bar.

The configuration above changes Keypirinha’s behaviour so that it mimicks Spotlight’s behaviour. It is triggered via Alt+Space, it’s always floating on top of all other windows, it disappears when losing focus and it does not have an icon in the task bar.

The feature that I use second most is the bundled calculator. I can easily calculate any values without having to open the calculator application. Searching for stuff in the internet directly via Keypirinha comes in handy as well. In addition to the bundled packages, there are several third party packages, which are also worth a look. Of course, the theme itself can be changed, too.